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About the author

Tom McBride


Tom McBride has been a recognized leader in the portable transport refrigeration industry since 1998. After recognizing a serious need for small portable refrigeration in October of 1998 while still working for the family business in Ormond Beach, Florida, Tom stumbled across a bagel shop with a need… Tom built a prototype that solved an issue for one customer while creating a more efficient way to transport,distribute and store frozen or refrigerated product for the rest of the industry. New income opportunities have arrived from the strong need for portable refrigeration. Fortune 500 companies all over the world and small businesses everywhere are benefiting from exploding profits, growth in revenue and gigantic savings from this revolutionary product.

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Some words on the Video

  • After a lot of research, I decided that this was by far the most cost effective way for me to transport my fresh local seafood.

    Steve Moore, California

  • It can get pretty hectic around here for the Daytona 500 and other races as the NASCAR Teams, owners and crews arrive. Year after year your equipment provides the reliabilty we look for around here. Thanks Tom!

    Arvin Weese, Florida

  • Thanks Tom, for being super supportive of us. We use ours to harvest grapes from our vineyard for our winery and love it. We are most impressed by how well this is constructed. Just outstanding and we love it!

    Denton Weiss, South Carolina

  • We got our first one at the beginning of the year and ordered two more by the end of summer. Like Tom says, its a great way to supplement your income. Its making you money when you aren't using it.

    Rick Corwin, New York

  • I've been in the food manufacturing industry for over 25 years and own several of these that I rent in a 4 state area. The most important thing for me is having equipment you can count on. This product performs as advertised! Take it from a guy who has high expectations, you won't be disappointed.

    Randy Smith, Arkansas

About the Founder

My name is Tom, and ever since I stumbled upon a bagel shop with a need in 1998 my life has changed forever. Fast forward to today and we provide a simple solution to small business and Fortune 500 Companies all over.

Our revolutionary product allows you to transport, distribute and store frozen or refrigerated product and save you $25K over a new refrigerated vehicle .

It is my goal is to let you know that there is a solution to the high cost of refrigerated vans and small reefer trucks.

On this website, you will find A LOT of high-quality free information (I hope).

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