Small Refrigerated Trailer For Rent

small refrigerated trailer

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Cooler Trailers are always looking for new ways to serve our customers. If you need small refrigerated trailer rentals, we have what you want!

We have all different types and sizes so that no matter the task-from transport or storage of up to 8,000 pounds -we’ve got the perfect cold storage trailer just waiting out there for you.
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Small Refrigerated Trailers For Rent

Refrigerated Unit

Our nationwide dealer network will deliver and set up your small refrigerated trailer. Some dealers offer emergency delivery service. All of our small refrigerated trailers are USDA and NSF approved and clean upon arrival.
These portable refrigeration trailers can be used as a cooler or a freezer. The double rear full open doors make it easy to load for your special events. Call (877) 449-8250



Rent A Cooler Trailer For Cold Storage

Polar Leasing Alternative

Small refrigerated trailer rental is an exceptional way for Fortune 500, start-ups and other entrepreneurs to try before they buy. Several nonprofits and corporations use refrigerated trailers as their emergency cold storage plan.

Portable refrigeration is in demand from large franchises and flower shops to keep the flowers cool especially around the holidays like Valentine’s Day, Mother’s Day, Thanksgiving and Christmas.

Local refrigeration repair companies, hospitals and restaurants use refrigerated trailers for temporary storage while walk-in coolers and freezers get repaired.

Cold storage trailers save the day for disaster relief like hurricanes, tornadoes and other natural disasters. A refrigerated trailer is also great for fishing tournaments, hunting, catering, barbeques and special events.
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Freezer Trailers For Rent

Refrigerated Trailer Rentals 7x16

Do your refrigerated trailer needs include getting colder than 35 degrees Fahrenheit? No problem. Our freezer trailers are the perfect solution.

Many refrigerated trailers on the market will not get the job done but our mobile refrigeration units can get to -10 Fahrenheit.

The 7×12 small freezer trailers are most popular and give you a desired temperature below freezing on just 115 volts.

Easy to operate, easy access with ground level entry and perfect for smaller loads, family reunions or the next big event.

Rent A Freezer Trailer

Refrigerated Trailer Rentals

Whatever your refrigeration needs are from temporary refrigeration to a long term solution, we have you covered.
If you need refrigerated trailer rentals longer than a day week or month then consider an affordable purchase plan through our financing options. Call (877) 449-8250





How Much Is A Cooler Trailer Rental?

We are giving you access to our dealer network and they are individually owned and operated. The rates will vary by location but are available by day, week or month.

How Do You Make A Trailer Walk In Cooler?

We have a step by step refrigerated trailer process for you at

Do You Have Used Cooler Trailer For Sale?

Click here for our updated used refrigerated trailer inventory.

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